In this short film we have two weirdos sitting at a table in a diner’s talking about common humans. They seem extremely bothered, and one of the two even surprised, that the human body is made of meat. They watch with an attitude of superiority the cook and the waitress flirting, the four boys behind them having fun and, at the end, the couple outside kissing. Here if we look at how these humans behave we can try to give a definition of what it means to be human, that is to have feelings, to have fun, to have a relationship, to have a heart and all this thanks to what the two weirdos say is of beings made of meat, even with a meat mind. There is one question that keeps coming up into my mind: “what are the two main characters made of”? 

So if it is important to know what human means, then it is equally important to know what the “others” are made of and why does it seem that they tease us?




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