According to me this film is very spooky! We have a guy that in an hours’ time builds part of a city, even putting trees & flowers. We discover half way through that he does it for a woman, but hides when she comes out of the door. The woman seems happy with what she sees & is pleased by the flowers but, even though we can clearly see this, we can also visualize her interior sadness, & that of the “Builder” too. Only when everything disappears, the town & even the lady, we realiza that the man is “desperate”. We discover the reason when he goes to the hospital room & we see that his beloved is on the bed probably in coma.

This short places ‘the human’ in relation to the technological in a positive way because man can get tecnological help to give himselp helpful pleasure, hope &, maybe, easement to his sufferings. It also states that human emotion can be manipulated by digital simulation & this hypertechnological world can be Utopian & not always Dystopian.





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