In this commercial spot mediation is looked at as if it were against the nature of “authentic” human contact. Human contact is something very precious! We can have the best tecnology available, use it at it’s best, even see & hear the other guy, but if there isn’t direct contact, it’s as if it were aseptic!

The aspects of ‘the human’ re-asserted’  as some very important authors say if we incorporate more videos and audio into the course-delivery mechanism, or if we use Skype or Facebook or another social network, but, even if these strategies can lend a helping hand, still it’s not as if people were cheek to cheek, face to face.
Finally this clip could be related with the notion of “the illusion of non-mediation” referenced in the Kolowich article because according to it the only real contacts are those mediated while the no direct contact is really possible. This can happen if people get used to inhuman contacts and when they are with others they don’t know what to say or how to act.



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