Human relationships in this short are manipulated. It’s a dystopian story of a man who does everything based on computer inputs & especially manipulates people.

We have a pseudo Silvan or a Mentalist like Patrick Jane that can make you perform what they want you to do! It’s a film that is the opposite of ” A Day made of Glass 2″ & “A Bridging our Future” in which tecnology is used by everyone & nobody tries to control others’ minds! If this is what waits for us in a near future, then it’s better if this kind of future doesn’t arrive! It’s simply not right to make people change their mind because we don’t like what they think! I know that even nowadays, as in the past, there are manipulaters that have convinced million of people of doing what they want, but history has shown us that these guys sooner or later are killed & hung upside down! Even they, luckily, didn’t succeed in convincing everyone otherwise we would be living in a “Dark World” without any hope! In this short film this guy is very very dangerous because he can manipulate every single human being!

For me the ending is indeed frightening & hopefully nothing similar will ever happen!




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