The Magic Bags

For me the relationship between the two main characters is a very positive one! In the store they hardly looked at each other but then when they were home, & discovered the magic bags ,they became, at firtst, friends, & after, started a special relationship.

Not only for its ending but for the plot, the scenery, the setting all makes it a utopian story! We have just good feelings! No bad guys! No apocalyptic scenes! Nothing of all this! It’s only a story based on a new form of comunication which could have been thought about also in the past! The two bags at the shop don’t want to separate so we should of immagened already that there was a particular connection between them. It’s as if there were a Stargate or teleportation that kept them togheter! Only that we don’t have the god Apophis or Mogh the Klingon but only a girl & a boy.






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