Bendito Machine III is really a good animated film. It tells the truth about what’s happening in the last couple of decades.

In the 80’s we only had house phones and they were great & we were all very happy! nowadays, after getting mobile phones, we always want new items and so here are i pads, smart phones etc and, even if they are usefull, we are no more free! I mean in the past if we wanted sombody, we rang him up, and if not at home, we went around serching for him. Today we can easily find everybody! we only have a virtual life! we’re obsessed by tecnology!!!! we get new products &put aside the old ones even if they are still brand new!!!! we throw them away contaminating our environement.

In the film the characters can simply accept new tecnology & can’t really choose what they want! this is what happens in real life, where commercial spots bomb use with the new products and we are almost forced to buy them otherwise we become old-fashioned too!

In conclusion upon reflecting on the variuos tecnologies showed in the film I must say that they become more advanced as time passes and very more aggressive and destructive for the entire mankind.



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